What is a Creative Café?

Creative Cafés are informal, high energy, student-led events. Young people, teachers and course leaders meet with a range of industry professionals to share their stories and generate creative ideas, leading to improved understanding, raised aspirations and new knowledge.

Creative Cafe at Brighton Aldridge Community Academy (BACA) from Culture Shift on Vimeo.

Like any good café, there is a menu to choose from.   Young people select activities with guidance and support from an expert facilitator.  Activities can include:

  • Speed dating
  • Q&A or ‘hot-seating’
  • Presentations from industry professionals
  • Games and creative activities related to industry practice
  • Opportunities for feedback and critique of young peoples’ creative work
  • And refreshments along the way


What young people say about Creative Café:

It was so good to meet people in the media business and find out how they got there

I had a really good chat with the ‘creative careers’ people and learned about how to plan my future

[The best thing was] learning about real life people being creative in their jobs and passions

What schools, colleges and cultural organisations say about Creative Café:

Great idea to talk to students prior to the event – the professionals you had in were perfectly matched

This is wonderful, thanks very much for a really super day everyone.  Our students have come back gushing about it!

What professionals say about taking part:

The young people on our team were really fantastic and enthusiastic and talented! Even the really quiet chap came out of his shell and wrote all the lyrics!

It sounds like I am going to be meeting with [young person] so that’s another networking success which only goes to prove the value of days such as those!